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Work with us for the best satisfaction

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SOLUX's manufacturing policy is focused on quality and reliability. Each components and materials we use come from a long engineering and purchasing process.

Below you can see the technologic advantages by choosing SOLUX products.


We chose to use the best quality  LEDs available on the market for our products. This is why we can guarantee our LEDs for 3 years. Also you will not encouter any decrease in the brightness.


Solar batteries are deep-cycle batteries which have been optimised by the manufacturers to be able to charge with very little current, and thus take maximum advantage of any available energy. Solar batteries also have a very high charge & discharge efficiency of around 90 to 95%. A typical starter battery will do between 50 & 150 deep discharges, whereas a high specification deep cycle battery will be able to complete approximately 1200 deep discharge cycles.


AKZO NOBEL is the world leader in powder coatings. They offer effective coatings solutions for a wide range of applications, including furniture, automotive, IT, appliance, the architectural market and general industry. We chose their solution according to their recomandation in order to prevent any rust or color disipation.


All our employees are well experienced and with the best expertise in their field. To facilitate the communication and the understanding between us and our customers we have native speaking people for most spoken languages.